Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Prayer Letter - January '08

Pryor Prayer Letter
January 2008

Hello Friends and Family! Another year has passed and another year is here! The new year looks like it will be full of changes for us. In May we will graduate from New Tribes Bible Institute. We have really enjoyed our time here and learned a lot, so it will be sad to leave. However we are very excited about being one step closer to the mission field! After graduating our plans are to move to Fort Stockton, Texas, where Cameron has a job at a small airport (the one he worked at last summer). While working there Cameron plans on working more on his piloting (A & P, Instrument and Commercial license). Lord willing after a few years there, we will be ready to move on to New Tribe's mission training.

A bigger change is going to happen in our lives, than moving. At the end of May there will be a new little member joining our family! We are so excited about this little gift God is giving us! The baby is due right after graduation. We will stay here in Wisconsin to have the baby before moving. We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragements! In Christ Alone, Cameron, Katy, and Baby Pryor

Ë The health and safety of Katy and the baby so far.
Ë The relaxing Christmas break we've had. Prayer:
Ë Continued health and safety for all of us, particularly Katy and the baby.
Ë That we will stay focused for our last semester at Bible school.
Ë That laborers will rise up to spread the gospel to the thousands of unreached people groups.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Prayer Letter - Sept, 07

PRYOR PRAYER LETTERSeptember 2007 Friends and Family, Fall is creeping up on us as the weather turns colder and kids head back to school. We're back at school, too! We have enjoyed our first three weeks of classes here at NTBI (our first step towards missions). God is teaching us so much through our classes! What a privilege to sit under two whole years of only Bible teaching! We so appreciate your prayers at this time as things are quite busy! Both of us are taking classes, Cameron is working and we are in charge of coordinating the intramural sports here at school. It's been a little hectic, but God is faithful and He has been teaching us so much! Prayer:j For us to keep our priorities straightj For us to make the most out of our chance to learn about God and His Word Praise:j For the good job Cameron hasj For all that God is teaching usj For all of you out there praying for us! Have a wonderful fall! In Christ Alone, Cameron and Katy Pryor

Monday, July 2, 2007

Prayer Letter July '07

Friends and Family,
God has taken such good care of us and we are so thankful for the many blessings He has given us!
A lot has changed since we last wrote. We finished our first year at New Tribes Bible Institute, only one more year to go! Now we are staying with Cameron's family here in Fort Stockton, Texas. We are so appreciative of them allowing us to live with them this summer! While here, we are getting involved in a church. It is a very friendly and loving church and we feel so welcomed! Cameron is teaching on the life of Christ Wednesday evenings. He uses his notes from Bible school. We pray that what he has learned will touch the hearts of the people here as well!
God has answered a huge prayer request! Cameron has a job! Not only is it just a job, but it's a job at the little airport here in town! He is so thrilled to be working around planes! He does various odd jobs at the small airport including fueling airplanes.
Katy has a part-time job working at Sears. The lady she works for attends the church here. God really worked that out well!
Prayer:Cameron's Wednesday night classes on the life of Christ. Continued health and safety.For our second year at Bible school. We want to get the most out of it that we can. Praise:The multiple ways God has taken care of us! Cameron's family allowing us to stay with them for the summer. God helping us complete one year at Bible school and all that we learned there. A job for Cameron (at an airport no less) and a job for Katy All of you out there praying for us! We cherish your prayers so much!
In Christ,Cameron and Katy Pryor

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